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New Orleans Jazz Club


New Orleans has a unique style and architecture which reflects its’ southern US location and its’ history. This model aims to capture this through the building, the carriage and the focus on Jazz music.

Key features of the model are:

  • Typical New Orleans style building in the French Quarter. This includes flower decorations and details such as signposts and wall lights in addition to features such as window shutters.
  • Jazz Club interior including Band, Customers, Bar and a balcony view
  • Detail features such as wall decorations reflecting aspects of New Orleans, i.e., Music, Baseball, Seafaring and Piracy. Floodlights are included for band illumination
  • A skylight roof
  • The model has three modular parts and is sized to be compatible with existing LEGO creator modular models
  • A horse drawn carriage that is typical of the New Orleans style.

The ground floor of the building has several pictures on the walls which would ideally be special to the New Orleans area and the carriage would have a picture of the New Orleans Fleur de Lis on each side.

I hope you like this model.

Dimensions – the model has 1743bricks and is on a base of 32x32 spots. There are 30minifigs and horse for the carriage.

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