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Buran-Energia. The russian space shuttle!

When the soviets found out about the space shuttle, they decided to make one too. While they look similar on the surface, they are quite different. The shuttle was capeble of being launched and landed automaticly (and was, in 1988 from Baikonur cosmodrome).
The shuttle is Buran (blizzard), and the launcher is energia. Energia could be launched with different payloads, up to 200 kg.

With all the amazing Lego Apollo sets, i thougth it would be cool with some Lego space crafts from the east. Model is about 36 cm, and about a 1000 bricks. I think it's a pretty good scale, it's not too expensive, and doesn't take up much space. Also a very fun build!

I build this, but keep in mind, this is quite fragile, and more for exhibition than as a toy. (it does stand well alone.).

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