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The Rearing Horse Diorama

A good horse is not only a man’s best helper, but also his friend. Bring the majestic animal to your home with this unique LEGO diorama.

 This diorama depicts a rearing horse in a deserted, wild west inspired setting. The horse is equipped with a detailed saddle. A discarded barrel and a broken wheel can be seen on the ground. In the back, there is a small rock formation with a bush growing from it. Cacti and other vegetation are scattered over the sandy terrain.
The model is 20 cm wide, 18 cm deep and 22 cm high. The horse's front legs are poseable.

When designing the model, special care was taken to stay true to real-life proportions of a horse. The result is a beautiful display piece, that is detailed, but will still easily fit on a desk or a shelf. The set provides a fun and satisfying building experience, implementing many interesting building techniques to achieve details and organic shapes.

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