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In 3...2...1... I present to you my LEGO Ideas project, iCarly.

Based on the popular Nickelodeon sitcom (and of which I consider myself an absolute fan) I have recreated the most famous scenes of the entire series. These are Carly and Spencer's apartment and the recording studio, where Sam and Carly recorded the shows with the help of Freddie, Gibby and Spencer.

The idea is full of references to different chapters of the series, such as Sam's fork, Spencer putting out a fire or the green robot.

I have also recreated a sign with the logo of the series since I think it can help the display the look much better together with the two scenarios.

The minifigures that I have included are the five main characters of the series, these are:
  • Carly Shay.
  • Sam Puckett.
  • Spencer Shay.
  • Freddie Benson.
  • Orenthal Cornelius Gibson, better known as Gibby.

Lastly, this idea has 1605 pieces.


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