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Log Cabin

Log Cabin:
As one of the most iconic house designs I decided to do the log cabin justice in LEGO. This project took a very long time and with the Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) out, I think this fits right in. It has nine animals (a snake, two squirrels, three small birds, a frog, a mouse/rat, and a owl) and one minifigure.

The Build:
The build consists of 2365 parts and was built and rendered with Bricklink It has 29 different colors. I decided that this is a modern(ish) log cabin and included a restroom and a kitchenette. It has a bed, a wood burning stove, a chest to store things in, and a couple shelves. I included the printed ship-in-a-bottle piece that was used in the Ideas Tree House (21318). It features aspen trees in their autumn foliage and has lots of plant elements. There is also a small creek running alongside the cabin.

Illegal Techniques or Custom Pieces:

Why this Idea should Become an Official LEGO Set:
  • It fits right in with the new A-Frame Cabin set that came out recently
  • It has interesting building techniques and would be fun to build
  • It can bring the love of nature and wildlife into any room

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