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Cozy Fireplace


A little bit of realism goes a long way with me as a Lego builder. This old style fireplace is sure to warm you up! Growing up, I had a few different types of fireplaces in my homes. I went online and researched a little bit on how a fireplace and chimney is constructed and came up with this one in Lego. This fireplace and chimney consists of a raised base to allow the grate for collecting ash, while the enlocsure is sloped on both sides to simulate the real interior of a fireplace. Also, a rectangular chimney that's tapered at the bottom. I'm seeing this set as being more of a display set, or even an addition in someone's larger scale house or building! I hope this project catches a few hungry eyes. Build on!

I think if the set were to made into a real Lego set, it would be fun for people to build weather they have a fireplace at home or not!

Elements consist of shovel, broom, poker, candles in white, a clock, some older looking displayed helmets to give off that historic look, a red bicycle, my own strange sculpture design, flame pieces, logs, a crate for log storage, a black grate for holding logs, and a light brick with an integrated button for an added lit fire effect! 

By showing support, I'm more likely to post more creations as time goes on so give it a share or comment how you see fit!

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