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Level 7: Sparta Amasses its Numbers


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"Civilizations and Empires" Level 7: Sparta Amasses its Numbers

"Today, one thousand nations descend upon you, Leonidas of Sparta! Are you ready?"

In a remote and narrow pass on the craggy coast of Northern Greece, the Spartans and the Persians are both staging unbelievably massive forces to crush each other... But soon they must heed the call to join together and face an even greater threat together as one! Can the gods of Olympus convince the bitter rivals to focus their combined powers against the chaotic and destructive rage of the Titans, instead of destroying each other?

  • Command Leonidas's elite Spartan troops, and a war-elephant led by the real King Xerxes
  • The Immortals are Xerxes's elite Royal Guards. Their naptha-grenades are 100% accurate
  • The Spartans come complete with printed hoplon shields and phalanx spears, plus swords

The Laconic quips of Leonidas are all genuine. Here, he prepares his troops for the fight:

"What, only 300?"
"You there. Acadian, what is your profession?"
"Sir, I am a potter"
"And you there. What is your profession?"
"Sculptor, Sir" 
"Spartans!! What is your profession?!"
"Hoo-ah!! Hoo-ah!! Hoo-ah!!"
"Haha, and so you see, my friend... I have brought more SOLDIERS than you have!"

The Epic story begins in Rome, so be sure to start there. Next, be sure to vote your support for free by pressing the big green button at the top right of each page. It's totally free to vote for as many sets as you want, since most of the fans are kids! 

As soon as you have done that, you are ready to continue your journey onward to Civilizations and Empires, Level 8: Leif Eriksson Enters the Nexus of Bifrost...

"The Real Indiana Jones"

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