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Shark Bite Bay

        Shark Bite Bay, a body of water swarming with hungry and dangerous sharks, however, two fishermen are willing to take their chances in order to catch a few fish. They quickly realize their mistake as a hungry shark begins eyeing their boat. 

         My product idea is a small fishing vessel sitting in the waters of Shark Bite Bay that is now being threatened by a hungry shark. I built this because I really thought it would be a unique and fascinating idea for a Lego Set. I also built it because I enjoy building Lego Boats and I just had to share this idea once I saw how it turned out. 

Why this would make a terrific Lego Set? I thought that this build would be an awesome idea for a Lego Set for multiple different reasons. The first reason being that most people think sharks are cool and alot of people like boats as well, so this build would likely appeal to more than one crowd. Another reason why this would make a great Lego Set is because the boat includes some more advanced building techniques that I think more experienced builders would like. However, the build isn't so advanced that less experienced building wouldn't enjoy it. Overall, anyone could enjoy building this set and it would be appealing to multiple different crowds.

The island is made up of 35 pieces

The boat is made up of 276 pieces

The minifigs and shark are made up of 10 pieces

The total is 321 pieces 

The build features the S.S Shark Fin, a small fishing vessel. Captain of this vessel is Captain Arnold and his crew made Fred the Fisherman. The build also features a small island and palm tree for scenery, and Hangry the Shark.

Overall, I think this build is fascinating, unique, and many different types of people would enjoy it as a set!

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