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Hello All and thank you for dropping by and looking at my lego idea

This is my 5th build i all hope you like it as well as the lego ideas team !

Build Includes 1,345 Bricks & 3 Figures

Why did i want to do this project ?

In the past on lego ideas i have seen many other projects based on nasa and i thought it would be nice to my own lego idea based on them i wanted especially to make sure on my idea that the pictures where rendered and looked presentable to the public who are looking at my idea.

Do i think my nasa idea has the potential to reach the 10,000 supporters milestone and pass the lego review ?

Yes i think any project on lego ideas has the potential to reach 10,000 supporters and pass the lego review as long as the model pictures are rendered and look presentable to the public.

Please support and share my creation with the world

My other projects can be found in the links below

Thank you for your time

Mr Captain Burger


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