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My Little Iceberg

This is a little iceberg. Ho, it's not big for sure, but there is plenty of life here.
Look like a small bear got lost on top of it. May be he went to the limit of the floe to admire the sun set upon the sea. That was not such a good idea, now he is lost at sea.
A flock of puffins is passing by. They will stay there to rest a little while.
And there, look, on a tiny tiny piece of ice is standing a penguin.

There are all looking in front, what is going on there? Is that Terre-Neuve at the horizon?

For sure this is not the final version.
I don't have enough Lego pieces 😊 but I am happy to present this first creation and get some feedbacks for a more advanced creation.
I would like my polar bear to be fishing, may be he will get a flip flop out of the sea. I would like to stay fun, but a polar bear is not suppose to be lost in the middle of the sea.
Also to have a pair of whales passing by would be nice.

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