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Seaside Promenade


Welcome to the Seaside Promenade!

A place of history, culture and a stunning view make this a significant landmark in whatever Lego city you have constructed. With many activities for your Lego citizens to enjoy, whether it be a relaxing day at the beach, a beautiful stroll along the promenade, catching a boat to sea, a bite to eat, or trying your luck fishing off the pier. The promenade offers a blend of history and modern design with its 7 main areas.

  1. The beach. With room to sunbathe, build sand castles or go for a swim. The beach is at the base of the remains of the historical sea fort, and there is plenty to do.
  2.  Sea fort ruins. The naturally carved out stone steps lead up to the rocky remnant of a centuries old sea fort to which a sole canon from a time long gone has been looked after and restored by the historical society. It still fires today to ring in the new year! There are viewing binoculars and a beautiful backdrop for that special moment.
  3. The light house. Bringing a modern a touch to this historical promenade. “The light house” is the aptly named multipurpose function hall, which serves to cater to all functions along the promenade, whether it is hosting art exhibitions, a wedding or a pop up restaurant. The sweeping view from it’s mainly glass facade provides a beautiful backdrop to whatever event is being hosted. A few impromptu events have created memorabile stories around this building. The building comes equipped to handle any function
  4. The main walk. With a lovely stretch of beautiful tiling and ornate railing across the main stretch in combination with the equally beautiful lamp posts provide a lovely scene day or night. The walk provides a connection between beach and pier and the main intersection provides a connection to the street. Recently unstable sections were rebuilt after being washed away. There are benches and seats to take a break and enjoy the view, and the main square fountain provides a beautiful meeting point. The historical sea farer statue at the base of the main stair case provides a great scene for photos. Lastly the plaza square is a place to sit and eat or when a festival is on, a place to dance and host markets/stalls.
  5. The ice creamery and eatery. One of the most popular ice creameries serving straight out of the historical clock tower building. This two storey building holds another gem serving street side to the plaza square. The eatery below dishes out some of the best pizzas and caters from breakfast to dinner. This eatery comes ready to serve the crowds.
  6. The pier. Saved from the seas. The pier is being restored to its former glory and is a great place to fish, dive in for a swim or catch a boat from the dock.
  7. The old port tavern.  One of the most beautiful and fully restored buildings on the promenade this two story building is a restaurant and bar. With lovely outdoor areas pier side, and a balcony overlooking the sea. The bell tower holds the famous golden bell and it is rung on all sorts of occasions be in the welcoming of a ship or the celebration of a marriage of one of the townspeople. An old sea dock exists underneath, and to what secrets that may be hidden below are anyone’s guess.

The set comes with 21 minifigures each to fill a variety of roles and provide endless play to the promenade set.  At 3000 pieces this is quite a large set spread over two 32 x 32 base plates and two 16 x 16 base plates, with a 16 x 16 plate supporting the pier. I have pushed the bounds of set size to create a large play set which can provide countless hours of fun and play. I designed the set to provide a tie in from city to the ocean and provide both the opportunity to have a sea connection and allow for a river to come in at the pier.

I have tried to allow as much detail as possible with the brick count in mind, and lots of bricks have been used to create raised terrain. As much as I would like to build beautiful detailed roof tiles and interiors I wanted to create an area where multiple minifigures can be used and sets that can tie in with the promenade. For the design I went for a historic Spanish port influence. The buildings are designed to come apart with relative ease to access the various floors. Also with electrical kits space has been provided under the “light house for battery boxes to be stored. Wiring can be put through the set with minimal modifications as the raised areas are essentially empty underneath. An element I tried to put it but haven’t were a chain or rope for the bell as I had difficulty trying to orientate it in LDD. Stickered elements are shown with the minifigures. I would expect this set to be around the $320 USD mark with the brick count.

Thank you for taking the time reading this and hopefully this set succeeds to provide a beautiful tie in from city to shore!


Again, thank you for your support and feedback across all my projects!

The Zaps.

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