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Bull Dozer

I made this quite some ago, shortly after Lego brought out their Technic Power Functions Dozer, great model. I first posted my creation on the Lego site and called it David and Goliath. My dozer sat next to Lego's in the photos I took.

Not long after, Lego came out with their City Dozer which I also bought and built. Their kit was #7685. If you compare the two when it comes to size, their's is bigger of course, yet both are mini-figure compatible. If you compare the two when it comes to play ability, mine wins hands down, you can actually drop it on the floor and it simply refuses to fall apart.

Another word on the size, it's small enough to allow being put on a typical float and tractor. Which also means that it looks really cool when it's on a train car rolling down your Lego Train layout.

The Blade has a very unique design which accounts for it's durability. It's put together like a lock, which means the pieces are somewhat forced together.

I think Lego would do well with this size of model and I am certain that because of it's size and it's obvious applications to Floats and train cars they would sell a lot more than the #7685 Dozer. Also, at the risk of repeating the word size, the models size is directly proportional to the amount of pieces whereby making the model much more affordable to a great many Lego City and Diorama enthusiasts.

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