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German Black Forest Alpine Village Chalet Style Cuckoo Wall Clock

Guten Tag! Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by the Cuckoo clock. The Sounds, the Motion, and the Architecture are whimsical and fun! The clock features a water fountain, Spinning Water Wheel, 4 “Dancing” Figures, and a Cuckoo Bird that Pops out of the Door on top!

Cuckoo clocks are the best way to announce the time of day! I believe everyone would love to see a fully functional cuckoo clock made of LEGO, that they get to hang on their wall! The pendulum swings back and fourth, the water wheel spins, the dancers spin, the bell chimes, and the cuckoo bird comes out.

This dream can be realized with your support. I am not an expert builder by any means, and tried to make my best representation with the spare bricks I had laying around. With your support this could truly be a creative addition to anyone’s LEGO collection. Help me and support this product! Thanks for reading!

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