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Frodo's Vision


Hey fellow LEGO designers! Today I've created one of my favorite scenes from Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring! In this scene, Frodo spots Lady Galadriel of the Elves walking down a staircase, he follows her, and finds a small bird bath-shaped object in the center. Lady Galadriel fills a pitcher, and pours the water into the well. She asks Frodo if he will look into the 'Mirror'. Frodo questions, and in the end, he finds himself looking into the Mirror. He begins to have visions of what happens if he will fail. This set is great for collectors, fans of the LotR franchise, and any old fan of Lego!

Couldn't find a picture, so let's be glad I had the movie. In the scene, There is a step with two Elven statues, holding bowls. The bowls are on fire. If you wish, you can make it so they are holding the bowl with both hands. Unfortunately, LDD does not allow this. The step has 8 move following before reaching the ground. For purchasing reasons, I wanted to decrease the amount of steps it had, to just three. There is a branch connected to it that you can see in the scene, as it crawls along the side of the step.

The doorway was kind of, 'there'. It does in fact appear in the scene, but is never used. It is still nice to have. It is featured on the far end of a wall that connects it to the step and the hill above where the scene takes place. This was a rather simple build, but I do feel the detail could be better. Feel free to recommend anything I should add!

The waterfall was a must have in the scene. This is where Lady Galadriel fills the pitcher. If you ever get a chance to see what it looks like, you'll understand why it doesn't look like what it could. The waterfall just happens to be locked between to interwinding trees with the water flowing over each branch. Nature can be complex.

The 'Mirror' was also simple, but it didn't turn out as I had hoped. As you can see, it is about the right height as in the movie, but it seems too wide. Also, the bowl should appear separate from the body itself, but trying to use a regular LEGO dish just wouldn't cut it, so I had to try something different. I'm sure if this is ever approved, the LEGO team can redesign it. Right?

Frodo and Lady Galadriel. I do hope Lego can remake a proper print for Lady Galadriel. What I gave her is the closest thing to a gown as I could find. I also couldn't find the printed torso that was made for frodo originally, but what I used came close enough.(NOTICE: Render gives Galadriel's hair a blue tint, but her hair is actually faded blonde, if you see the original screenshot!) Frodo's head is double sided, on one side a calm face, and on the other a shocked expression can be seen, resembling his reaction from the horror he's just witnessed. Lady Galadriel has a straight face, as she keeps during the entire scene... Except for when Frodo offers her the ring... I might add something for this in an update.

Feel free to comment and if you have anything to recommend feel free to speak up! I love working on these, and like LEGO, the possibilities are endless! Don't forget to support if you want to see this on shelves!


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