Product Idea |

Blacktron Droid Factory

What is it?
A Blacktron modular robotic complex. The factory is divided in two main sections.
-The Automatized Assembling Structure. Used for building and upgrade mechanical units.
Includes a communication module and a defensive turret.
-The Operational Area. Designed to control the distribution of completed units.
Includes a control module, robotic loading arms and garage.
The factory includes 4 blacktron minifigs, 2 spy droid, an assistant droid and a manned robot unit.
The factory also consists of 8 interlocking modules
A Communication Module
B Cargo Module
C Control module
D Robotic loading arms
E Defensive turret
F Cockpit
G Vehicle
H Droid legs
These modules can combine between them to create mobile units.
Why did you build it?
I wanted to create a Blacktron 1 theme design
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
For Adult costumers, brings them back to the joy of 80s space themes and exploits the concept of modular building. In the other hand, for the young costumers, many cool play features and hours of space theme entertainment. 

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