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The Faraway Tree


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The Faraway Tree

The first book in Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree series, "The Enchanted Wood", introduces the magic Faraway Tree and the adventures of the three children who discover it. Different magical lands come to the top of the Faraway Tree, including the Land of Birthdays - which is included in this build.

My project includes 5 stackable rooms and a flat base for the magic land at the top of the tree.

First there is the base of the tree, including Mr Whiskers the brownie (protect his bag from the evil gnome). Inside the tree I have added Wizard Mighty-One, who has just captured a red goblin. There is the exit to the slippery dip, and the tree is surrounded by woodland plants and toadstools. A pair of hedgehogs snuggle between the plants.

The next level contains the angry pixie, who is leaning out of the window to throw a bucket of water over the children. At this level, the tree is growing acorns.

Above the angry pixie lives Silky the elf. She has long, golden hair and is offering the children a pop biscuit. Behind her sits her magical clock and a table of pop biscuits. Now the tree is growing cherries.

Next is Dame Washalot, who has opened her shutters to throw a basket of washing water out of the tree. Nearby, Mr Whatzisname and the Saucepan Man sit on a branch. The Saucepan Man is covered in his usual assortment of pots and pans. Green apples hang from the branches.

At the top of tree lives Moonface. His house features a stained glass window, two chairs, and the entrance to the slippery dip - characters can slide from Moonface's house round the tree and exit at the base. The tree is growing red apples and pineapples. (Moonface currently bears a striking resemblance to Ralph Wiggum, but another option would be the gingerbread man’s head in a yellow colour!)

Each level has a different coloured door and window, and the tree is embellished with colourful leaf pieces and lanterns.

The top level is set up as the Land of Birthdays, the most exciting land in the first book “The Enchanted Wood”, where Bessie celebrates her birthday. Two rabbits, a bird and a deer watch as the children enjoy a feast which includes chocolate cake topped with a cherry, white cake with pink icing, cupcakes, fruit, and a green jelly. A birthday present for Bessie sits nearby.

The land can also double as part of the Enchanted Wood, where the children go to picnic (I have included a picnic rug with lemonade and a jam tart).

The series of books remain popular with children, who would have a great deal of fun rebuilding the top level to depict all the other lands Enid Blyton mentions in her series. (A project like this could also be popular with builders of a more advanced age, as it contains lots of useful brown blocks and leaf pieces.) In October of 2014, Sam Mendes' production company announced it would make a film version of The Magic Faraway Tree, which would increase additional interest in the stories.

At present, this model has been constructed using whatever bricks I had available, so the brick count is not very large.

I have a lot of fun turning my favourite books into Lego. If you like this, please also consider supporting my other project, The Adventures of Tintin – Marlinspike Hall!


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