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Role Playing Dice Set

Role playing is a very immersive way of having fun and telling stories. Using oddly shaped dice for this is part of the universe around this practice (that I do often, indeed !).
There's a legend stating that one rolist (roleplay amateur) only needs one complete set of dice to take part in those amazing stories and imaginary worlds. But in real life, no rolist ever can resist to the joy and powerful attraction produced by a complete row of multicolor dice of all sorts in a game shop or convention.
There's this unbeatable need to have a chest full of these jewels, like a dragon with its gold !

Therefore, as I am a rolist and like to build and invent LEGO models, I come to all of you with my LEGO roleplaying dice set !
A complete dice set is composed of a 4-sided (D4) dice, a 6-sided (D6) dice, an 8-sided (D8) dice, two 10-sided dice (D10 alone, and D100 together forming a 100 possibilities dice), a 12-sided dice (D12) and a 20-sided dice (D20).
Nethertheless, as this model is already made of 3077 LEGO pieces, I only conceived and built 4 of those dice :
- the D4 (tetrahedron) with the score to be read at its summit
- the D8 (octahedron)
- the D12 (dodecahedron)
- the D20 (icosahedron) with its critical success (score 20) and critical failure (score 1) decorated with triangles and stripes.

I rendered this model in different color palettes with Studio 2.0 software.

For rolists in here, yes, these dice are big. Very big. But even if big dice are more fun than practical, these LEGO dice are fully functional ! Moreover, they are LEGO dice. Therefore, I hope they will get to your rolist heart !

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