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Metalbeards' Micro Sea Cow

I loved Metalbeards Sea Cow and the Steampunk theme, so wanted to have a memento that was small enough to put in my display cabinet.
Picking out some main features to evoke the larger version that's now available, I included:-
- a chimney,
- an anchor,
- rear propellers,
- side turbines,
- gold lanterns,
- cannons
- cow with wings!
and even a boiler room with opening gold windows

to accompany the ship I've also modeled a mini Metalbeard, a micro Micro Manager and a double Decker couch.

Update 1 - 4 Feb
I am intending to replace both the bow and stern sections which are currently pearl gold to brown. Unfortunately the curves are difficult to get hold of in the UK. Additionally the brackets, the guns are attached to, should also be brown and i'm in the process of sourcing these at the present and once obtained I'll replace and take some further pictures.

micro Micro figures!

Top of the Sea Cow complete with MetalBeards Chair

Propellers, and boiler cabin with opening windows.

Sails and chains and cows!!

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