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Blockbuster Video Store

Years ago i remember with much fondness roaming the aisles of my local video store for hours looking for awesome movie titles. You can tell i feel a lot of nostaligia for those times. That said, nothing beats a good joke. It really is just in good fun and i hold no ill will towards blockbuster or their stores. It may also be good for someone who wants to recreate the "Captain marvel arrives on earth" scene. I based the design layout around one of the old video stores that i used to be a member of.

Broken sign (also hearts + dreams)
Counter with VHS and DVD tapes
Ghosts of customers past (thx for the joke south park!)
Empty stands and Aisles
3 Tvs for those endless looping trailer reels
Crazed business owner burning money for warmth on roof.
Dumpster at rear of building.
Possible Updates: Netflix vending machine attached to side of store.

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