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A.10 Dragonfly


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A.10 Dragonfly is newest medium sized multi-purpose aircraft developed by Einsell - Shiganori Corparation


  • It is made to operate freely in atmosphere as well as in the space, thanks to its superior Oconee IonMaster hybrid engines that are combination of conventional ramjet engine with the newest ion technology.


  • Made out of one the lightest and yet the toughest of the known materials, the ship is exceptionally durable. Design is heavily inspired by organic forms and beings and combines modern technology with natural solutions. It can land and take of vertically from practically any surface (like for example Einsell - Shiganori Portable Landing Pad) thanks to its advanced landing gear and variable propulsion system.


  • Equipped with enhanced variable body and propulsion geometry operated by advanced computers it is capable to operate in heaviest conditions.


  • Thanks to entirely new navigational computers number of crew is reduced to only pilot and co-pilot, who control the ship from hermetic and air-conditioned glazed cockpit that gives them complete control over the machine.




Hey everyone,


It is my first creation that I dared to show in public, encouraged by people who saw my previous designs. I always loved starships and machines so I decided to create one.

Its design is inspired by many real life machines and creatures as well as fictional creations and made in sci-fi style that appeals to me and maybe to you too. Model can stand on its own as well as being exposed on a stand.

Practically every bigger part of the hull is being mounted on joints (the cockpit, engines, wings, tail, legs and winglets) so it can be moved around in many various ways, which makes the model look very dynamic and also highly customizable.

I tried make it look as beautiful as possible by adding some details, but I also did not forget about playing factor (tested on real children) so it has many moving parts (like openable cabin doors and claws).


I would be happy to see what you think about it and I'm looking forward to receive some feedback.




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