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The S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald


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The Edmund Fitzgerald was a Great lakes freighter that tragically sunk on November 10th, 1975, with all on board perishing. She was a 729-foot ore carrier, and had had a long history of traversing the lakes before that fateful night. This model is intended to memorialize the 41st anniversary of the sinking in 6 days.

The ship is perhaps most well known for being the basis of Gordon Lightfoot's hit song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", written in 1976. The wreck is also famous for the cause of the sinking to be unknown, as there were no survivors or witnesses to tell what had happened. The Fitzgerald's sister ship Arthur M. Anderson was the last ship to have contact with the Fitzgerald.

I came to design the ship because I've been fascinated by the story for a very long time. Since the anniversary of the sinking is coming up in six days, I wanted to somehow pay tribute to the memory. So I examined photos of the Fitzgerald for hours at a time, comparing the sections to viable Lego pieces. I understand this model isn't 100% to the Fitzgerald, I did what I could with what I had. And after receiving feedback from friends, this was the final design. This is my first project, and I'd love feedback and opinions on what is liked/what could be improved. The brick count stands at 1,013 bricks. A fun little feature is the moveable loader, which can be positioned up and down the tracks.


I believe this would make a good Lego set because of the history behind the ship. It would make great as a gift for someone who lives in the Great lakes region, anyone who loves ships, or as a model for a desk or shelf. It's certain to be a conversation starter!

I would love it if I obtained 29 supporters by November 10th. Thank you for looking.

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