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Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask The Moon

That’s no moon. Actually wait... it is! It just has eyes, a nose, and mouth. This is my brand new Legend of Zelda LEGO ideas set. This set replicates the moon and has the two pixies, Skull Kid, Link, and the villian of the game, the Majoras Mask. from the popular video game, Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. The reason that I built this set is because I have seen many Legend of Zelda LEGO idea sets but not one has ever had a giant sculpture of the moon, which is why I built this set. Built out of 1286 pieces, this set would make an awesome set for a number of reasons. To begin with this set can work as a model and play set. If you were to remove a part of the set, it would reveal the scene where Link was transformed into a Deku Scrub. Link also has an alternate head price and alternate hand prices to replicate himself as a Deku scrub, along with a green apple. And You can also attach the Majoras mask to skull kid and use the transparent pole price to make Skull Kid look like he’s floating. Thanks for reading about my set and please tell everyone to support so it can hopefully become a real lego set! 

Special thanks to for handling all my custom printing needs!

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