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Chrysler Building


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It's the Chrysler Building! The Chrysler Building in New York is one of the most famouse buildings in New York City! The Chrysler building is known for its spectacular roof and history in the 1920's. It is an epic structure to add to your Lego architecture collection. In this set, you can have fun enjoying the new Lego Chrysler Building! This set includes 755 pieces.

What gave me the idea of the set was when I was trying to create an app on famous buildings across the US. I then found the Chrysler Building and tried to write it on the app. As I was writing, I found that the Chrysler building would be an excellent set to create so I went on my computer and designed the set on LDD!

I think this would be a a great set due to people who love Lego architecture and enjoy buildings around New York City. I also think this set would be fun for people who enjoy a fun detailed set!


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