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Graduation Gift

The LEGO Group, throughout the years, offered celebratory sets for lots of occasions: birthdays, marriages, valentines, Christmas, ecc!
Something that is missing is the celebration of one of the major achievements one may get in their life: the graduation! Be it college, from the University, or maybe even completing a PhD, it can be a really sought-on day, and I think that it deserves its own LEGO set :)

So I realized this little set: it represents a academic cap, the traditional hat worn by graduates. I also added a tradition of some countries: a laurel wreath, to be worn right after the graduation, like the athletes that won the Ancient Olympics. After all, the effort is comparable :)

This idea could be a gift that a proud parent or a close friends gives to one that graduates, or the other way around, it could represent a memory that the graduated gives to their closest friends to thank them for the support.

Some personalization may include the addition of the graduation year on the cap. Another one could be the colors of the ribbon on the wreath: while red is generic for the graduation, in some areas every academic field has its color: red for medicine, blue for law studies, black for architecture and engineering, yellow for economics, and so on!

I hope you like and support this small gift idea!

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