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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Quinjet


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Main description

For this Quinjet I wanted something that looked as close to the real thing as possible. I included the two propellers under the wings which can contract for the jet to go into stealth mode or cover the propellers entirely for it to reach supersonic speeds. I also included the turret at the bottom of the Quinjet which can also fold away into the belly of the craft.It can seat 8 mini figures including the cockpit seat and the console desk. Unfortunately I could only fit 1 mini figure into the cockpit unlike the Quinjet from the movies and TV show but there was real no other design that I could think of. I am real happy with the final design and hope it gets enough support to be put into the review phase. 


The wings

This was by far the hardest challenge when creating the Quinjet,I had to make sure they were strong and able to perform complicated adjustments. For the wings to expand and contract I used two types of hinge pieces and one Lego chain to make sure that the wings stay in position when fully contracted or expanded. this is all controlled through a well hidden lever under the wings which lets you adjust them. although they look frail the are quiet the opposite because of the amount of plates I used underneath them. The very outer fins can also be adjusted to however you like just like the real one.

  • The project is 32 cm long, 42 cm wide and 16 cm tall.
  • I used about 1500 pieces.
  • fits 8 mini figures.


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