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Lego Offroader


Design using LDD. This Lego Model is based on a real life offroad vehicle. I will not mention which model is it based from but it is a very recognisable car. If you somehow manage to fail at recognising this 1990s Land Rover Defender, either my design is faulty and inaccurate or you somehow prefer to look at this as a Mercedes G-class. Almost every part is design to be as similar to the real life version as possible. Apart from the engine, which is supposed to have a 2.5L or 3.0L diesel engine but I decided to make a V8 because it seems easier.

I didn't use real lego pieces to make it because I can't find lego parts. Design maybe faulty and body has some ridiculous parts that need mentioning and correction. For example:
1) Body is too tall from the wheels.

2) Bonnet is too big and ridiculously ugly.

So far then, I'm proud to present my design, even if it may be discriminated since many people attempted to do the same thing and fail to become an official product. 

If you want more photos of the design no problem. Just tell me what you want to see.

If you think some part of the model is wrong, just comment it in the comment. I may or may not read it. If I do, I may or may not do something about it.

If you think some other colour will work out better, do comment it as well. As before, I may or may not read it.

Currently working on another of the same model but will add some offroad stuff on it.

Thats probably all I have to say, or comment, or type about this project of mine. Do hope you guys like it.

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