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Castle Playset

The Castle Playset is a throwback to playsets when minimalism and imagination ruled over play features and stickers. Coming in at over 750 pieces, this set is designed to fit right in with all existing Lego Castle themes. Included are two minifigure knights with armor, swords and shields- and no stickers! It's made for both the young and young at heart.

The castle itself contains plenty of space for knights and royalty alike, with two floors, three towers and room to walk about the halls. It has numerous windows for light and a ladder to reach the main tower. Also included are some trees to add to the overall immersion.

Perhaps this set's biggest draw is how modular and open to customization it is. The castle is left unfinished on purpose so that fans can add to it however they see fit! Want to put in a catapult or archers? Feel free! Adding more stairs or a throne room? Go ahead! The reason the castle is open air and not enclosed is for easy use during play.

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