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The Brick Separator


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Get ready to give your LEGO minifigures the scare of their lives!

When the Brick Separator busted in on businessman, Bob Howard's walk, Howard's pleasant stroll was suddenly changed into a struggle for survival. With no weapons to fight the deadly beast, Howard began to be separated... at least, he lost his hair. Thankfully, he suddenly remembered he had a bottle of glue in his pocket, and with it, he managed to stop the terrible creature. As you know, a LEGO's most feared enemy (next to Brick Separators) is glue.

I designed this creation off the poster (which I included in this set) that first showed the Brick Separator. Bob Howard is as close as I could make him to the actual LEGO minifigure in the poster. The Brick Separator is able to move its body, head, each of its leg segments, and each of its tail segments. This set contains roughly 350 pieces, and it is 96 studs long and 48 studs wide.

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