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Gray Squadron X-12 vs. L.O.D.-1 Blood Stripe Star Vessel


Welcome to the future! The evil L.O.D. (Legion of Darkness) has taken over multiple galaxies and continues to grow! Your mission, as a member of the Galactic Resistance, is to stop General Cyborg X and his L.O.D. minions and bring hope back to planets under the evil organization's control!

This set includes the following 4 minifigures (one of each):

  • Gray Squadron Pilot
  • Space Cop
  • L.O.D. Trooper
  • General Cyborg X

This set also include the following (one of each):

  • Gray Squadron X-12 Starfighter
  • L.O.D.-1 (man) Blood Stripe Star Vessel
  • Space Cop outpost

The evil L.O.D. is an organization consisting of the L.O.D. Troopers (led by Lord Destron) and the medieval army (consisting of goblins and skeletons) of the powerful wizard, Malnor.

The Galactic Resistance is made up of the Army of Hope (space and medieval), led by the good leader, Alpha.

This set, however is just a space battle in this story.

By the way, the Gray Squadron Pilot is from the Army of Hope. 

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