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Zenith ZR-2

The Zenith ZR-2 is my first Zenith to be submitted to Lego Ideas. I hope more will follow but let's get to the car.


The Zenith ZR-2 is a red roadster with white stripes and a blue tinted glass pane. It has an adjustable rear spoiler and an aerodynamic chassis. It also has a big front grill and lights. There is a simple grey exhaust in the rear, and a comfortable spacious cabin.


I imagine the ZR-2 having a supercharged 7 litre v12 engine generating a blistering 768 break horsepower. It has a top speed of 189 MPH and an acceleration of 0-60 in 4 seconds.

                    Why I built it.

I built the ZR-2 because I was bored with my LEGO speed champions sets. I wanted something new. So I came up with this great idea of building my own car manufacturer. Zenith.

   Why I think it would be a great set.

I think it would be a great set for motoring fans like myself to have something unique in their collection. I hope you appreciate my project.

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