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Evolution of TV

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Evolution of TV!

From 50s to present day, there have been TVs with mankind.
The reason why I built this project is because I thought it would be great to show the history of TV technology through LEGO. As you can see those pictures, there are four TVs from 1950s, 1980s, 2000s and present day in this set. You can notice the changes between each decades with building experience if it becomes a real set! Therefore, it would be a nice set to all LEGO fans including children learning history of technology.

Here are some explanations of each decades.
  • 1950s: If you've ever played the game, Fallout series, you could see the 1950's style TV. It was very small and thick. I wanted to describe these interesting features into LEGO bricks in middle-scale, so I had to agglomerate all the bricks as much as I could. It was the hardest part of this project.
  • 1980s: Although it was time that I wasn't even born, it wasn't that hard to design and build since I have been familiar with this kind of TV since there are many programs and movies set on 80s. There are lots of buttons, silver on-off button on it and protruded screen is also impressive. In addition, you can change the basic screen into color screen!
  • 2000s: Still thick, but wider screen. 
  • Present day: Massive, thin screen. Most simple design but powerful technology.

151 pieces included

Thank you for reading my explanation.
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