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Maple Syrup Shack


Here is my Idea for a Set. It is called a Maple Syrup Shack. The set comes with a Shack, Stove, Two pots, a fence, Customers, Sidewalk, a Mechanic, Toolbox, 2 Lunch boxes, a Policeman,  Police Motorcycle, a Watch your speed sign, a Self Service cash register with Scanner and Credit Card Machine, 3 boxes filled with different grades of Maple Syrup, a Sack Truck, a Security Guard with Motorcycle, a Motorcycle with bottle and chain to collect the Sap, 2 Sap bottles intake Tubes that go into the shack, 2 Propane tanks with meter, a Road  with stripes, a Parking lot, a motorbike with a box for Mail and Mailperson, 3 Employees, and Money. Up here there is a day for Maple Syrup. It is a one day Event where the Public is invited to try the different kinds of grades of Maple Syrup and other Products. I have also made Maple Syrup from home, it is a lot of work!. I believe this set would be great to have, it was easy to build, and I had fun building it. Besides who doesn't like Maple Syrup?

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