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Bath Time, a LEGO Automaton

Hi everybody, I've been building automata for a few years now, and was so pleased with my last model that I decided to put it on LEGO Ideas.
I envisioned a man in a bath full of LEGO, because, well, we've all thought about it, right? When you turn the wheel, the figure scrubs his back and moves his head, the faucets run, and the content of the bath starts to bubble. I also figured a LEGO bath would require some very special plumbing, so I added some extra piping and taps to the mechanism, which gives the model a bit of a steampunk look that goes well with the old-fashioned bath and floor but provides a nice contrast with the colorful 1x1 plates in the tub. .    
To me, it's a nice, classy, compact build with an interesting mechanism, and something you don't see every day. Here's a link to see the model in action, I hope you like it and support! 
Best regards from Amsterdam, Teun 

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