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Scary Planet


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Scary Planet
Hello everyone! I’m glad to introduce you my new project on Lego Ideas. Scary Planet is a space-themed/Sci-Fi project of about 3,000 pieces.
The set represents an area of a spooky planet which is inhabited by several dangerous creatures, plants, and trees. The planet is mainly rocky, with a strange fluorescent fluid which flows all around and finishes in a small pond.
Abandoned Building
The set comprises an abandoned and deteriorated building, which was once a kind of laboratory or a scientific installation, not sure whether created by humans or aliens. The building has been overrun by disturbing plants.
The walls are made of a degraded alloy partly cracked and broken. Inside the building there is a green-glass cabin lodging an alien form. Outside the building there is a landing platform, now invaded by the fluorescent fluid.
There are many types of species and living forms all around the set, specially remarking an alien insect and an alien worm.
The insect is climbing the riverbank in search of food. Its shape resembles a mix between an alien beetle and an alien ant. The worm is plunging on the pond, not far from its larvae and eggs.
Plants and trees
There are many types of plants and trees, specially, several species of riverbank plants, a kind of carnivorous plant, and some aquatic alien weeping willows.    
The riverbank plants have a coral body and may defend themselves pouring the fluorescent fluid. The carnivorous plant is in front of the building, close to the landing platform, and it uses a spider web to catch its preys with its sharp claws. The alien weeping willows grow in the fluorescent fluid and feed from it.
So, best keep out of this place!! 😉
I hope you like it! And thanks for your support!

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