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Benchtop Microscope

This is a faithful recreation of a classic laboratory microscope. The set is as close to life-size as possible (for an entry level lab or teaching microscope, higher end models can be much larger) and is packed with all the details you would expect to find on a basic laboratory microscope, including:

  • Rotating lens carousel with four objective lenses to choose from. On real microscopes, the color of the band on the objective lens denotes the magnification of that lens, which I recreated here with different colors on different lens designs.
  • Sample tray with gripping feet to hold slides.
  • Light pedestal to illuminate the sample from below.
  • Ridged knobs for focus adjustment.
  • Adjustable angle for eyepiece tube.
  • Realistic proportions and coloration.

It is a surprisingly quick and rewarding build for such a large amount of detail.
  • Around 300 pieces.
  • 4 x 6 x 8 inches (height depends on eyepiece tube orientation).

I wanted to bring this idea to life since I work in a research lab and wanted to create a LEGO set which captures an aspect of that. In fact, I think that "science" as a whole is a great direction that future LEGO sets can go in, and I think this microscope makes an excellent starting point for that. Adult builders will enjoy the detail and display quality of the set, while younger builders will engage with the relative simplicity of the build and the coolness of the concept - I remember when I was little that I really wanted a microscope, and would have especially loved a LEGO one!

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