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The Wild West Brick Town

This is Brick Town from the Wild West were people can put their money or gold save in the Bank but if someone wants to steel it he or she can be caught by the town's greatest Sherff. When the Sherff has done his job he can celebrity at the best Bar in the Wild West. There is a water tank for the people and for the horses to drink. There is a small farm with cows.

Brick Town is made uit of 2167 pieces. There is one main building and the bank, bar and sherff are in the main building. There is a farm with cows and next to it a shed. The main building can be opened by removing the different levels and the walls can be opened. There is a watertank and a entrance 

I had build it because I always wanted a Wild West town in my Lego City. It was fun to build it and I hope you enjoy it to.

This'll be a great lego set for everyone. Children will like this because there are a lot of ways to play with it. This will be great for those who had a Western or Cowboy Lego set as a child and wanted something like that again. The building  can be a great display piece to put somewhere in your room. 

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