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Dragon Train - Sensei Wu's Ninjago Express


The Ninjago Express is one of Sensei Wu's favorite way to travel.  He uses it to reach the far places of Ninjago.  The dragon engine can produce great speed when needed or give a smooth peaceful ride when desired. The passenger car has a tea room for Wu to enjoy his tea and meditate.

Set Details

Name: Sensei Wu's Ninjago Express
Theme: Trains
Pieces: 1167
Length: 84 studs/67cm/26.5in   
Minifigs: 3

The drive-train and tender are based on the set 10194 Emerald Night and can motorized by the same conversion.  The set contains 3 minifigs: Sensei Wu in normal white outfit with the black hat from episode 21, Misako and an engineer.  I chose red as the main color as it fit the set best but other colors could be possible.  This set is meant to be neutral to the main Ninjago storyline and not tied to any one plot line.

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