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The Monstrous Nightmare!

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Hey everyone, how you doing? This is my first project, so please try to be kind with your comments. This is the Monstrous Nightmare, from How to Train your Dragon. Copyright Dreamworks. Please support!

The monstrous nightmare is the most ferocious of all the dragon species. Only the best vikings go after them. They can measure anywhere from 33 ft to 69 ft, but are usually found around 45.

The monstrous nightmare can fly for speeds of up to 50 mph, on land while running 35 mph, and while diving in air 80 mph. Its main attack is the special kerosene gel fire it ignites itself with and uses to attack foes.

The monstrous nightmare has a large wingspan of 57 ft, and is found in hot volcanic mountain places. It eats sheep and fish. It can be found in Norway.

The monstrous nightmare is named Hookfang in the movie by Snoutlout. Hope this helped, and please support! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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