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X-47 Lightning III Prototype


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About the X-47

As the speed of battle is rising with the advent of armored vehicles, artillery and air power, the development of this project has become critical. This unique X-47 prototype is built for speed and durability. Although it has a pilot, this modern uint is mechanized; it can reach its destination without the help of the pilot.It is not tough enough to stand its ground against stronger armored units, but it is definitely fast enough to escape them. It is equipped with four guns dedicated to clearing its way when it is being chased by other vehicles or stopping anything that it is pursuing. It also has a twinn rotating turret at the top. With such a powerful engine, it can easily destroy the sound barrier. So this is the vehicle you are looking at.


  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width: 118 mm
  • Hight: 103 mm

Piece Count: 501

Minfigures: 2

Wheels: four

Does it come in black?

-Bruce Wayne



Thanks for taking a look at my project!


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