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Palmtree Whirlgig "Tropical Storm"


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My children "ordered" a carousel, something to put with Lego's Pirate Roller Coaster 31084 to set up a little fun fair.

We ended up with the palmtree whirlgig "Tropical Storm".

We really built it, it works and is playable. Because of some "colour issues" we re-created it in LDD with some minor modifications in order to produce some renderings respectively screebshots.

It is in Minifig scale and in can be relatively easily dis-assembled and transported on two trucks.

I think it is quite a nice combination between Lego City and Lego Technics. The technical internals can be seen on some of the renderings.

The carousel can be tilted around two axes, one is operated by the turning knob in the middle, the other one by the yellow lever above. Turning the crank puts the platform into rotation and makes the passengers scream. For the amount of functionality I think it is rather compact.

We hope you like it! The test pilot in the orange overall says it's rather cool ;-)