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The Waterfall Mountain


I made this project because I think that most of the lego sets are based in something normal to see, vehicles, buildings and city works. This project would make modular cities diferent.This could be a natural park, part of a mountain, part of a forest... It can be whatever you want. It would make minifigures a bit more happy! 

Physical description:

It has 3065 bricks

The project consists on two mountains and a waterfall between them. Above the waterfall there's a bridge for crossing from one top side to the other one. The waterfall ends in a lake which goes into a river. On the bottom of the mountain there are some trees, you can join that parts with a forest. Near the river you can find some blue flowers. There are parts of the mountain where there are some bushes that are there because of the humidity. On the left side of the lake there are some people around a bonfire, and on the rigth side there are two persons one is looking at the flowers and the other is looking at the waterfall while he's eating an ice cream. On the rigth top of the mountain there are two boys climbing.


This set includes eigth minifigures and a dog, five of them are boys and the other three are girls. There are two twins arround a bonfire, next to them you can find their grandparents and their dog. On the top left side of the mountain there are one adult and a child climbing the mountain. There are two minifigures in the bottom rigth side of the mountain, the girl is looking at the flowers and the boy is eating an ice cream while he's looking the waterfall.

If you want to add some nature to your city this is your project


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