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Crawler With On-Board Crane


Have you ever dreamed to have a crawler with a quite big crane? I am sure that everyone when he  was a child has dreamed something like that; but unfortunately you can’t buy a real one because it is really expensive and you might not have enough experience to drive it. 

However I have a solution for this problem: my new Lego creation (Yes, the one a little above). It may not be as a real crawler but it is quite realistic and not too much expensive, so you can make one of your dreams come true.

>>> Please support me! It is free and you’ll help me becoming a Lego Official Builder. Leave also a comment if you want <<<

This model is fully motorized: it uses two XL motors for the tracks and two L motors for the crane: one is for turning it and another is for the hook.

It would be a perfect as a Lego set for young and old people because it his an age free vehicle

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