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Superboots - The Falcon Fight!

This set is an original Idea named Superboots and it is a plane set where the heroes have to get the Ice Blade before the villains get it! I Built this set because, I want people like me to make their own adventures and be imaginative for play! I believe this would make a good set because, it's for both adults and children and I want them to enjoy themselves when playing with this set!

This Set Contains:
(Villain) Frostbite [1st character on last image]
(Hero) Comrad [2nd character on last image]
(Hero) Volt [3rd character on last image]
(Villain Warrior) Shard [4th character on last image]
(Villain Warrior) Krod [5th character on last image]

In Every Superboots set their will be an elemental blade [In this one there is an Ice Blade]!

Set Pieces: 102

5 Figures
2 Lightning Bolts
1 Bow
1 Ice Blade
1 Spear
1 Crossbow
1 Ice Shard
The Falcon Plane

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