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The A.I.O.


Introducing the All New A.I.O.


Because we live in an ever-changing rapid world, where people want different things everyday. Where practicality has become key, where flexibility has become essential and where Style and prestige still over rule.

The A.I.O. is designed to make life easier, to erase the barrier of time and brake the constraints of space. Whether you are stuck in traffic, want to escape a crisis or simply want to enjoy a pleasant ride, flight or sail.


In a few single maneuvers the A.I.O. metamorphoses from your dream car, to your fast plane, to your cruising boat.


From Car to Plane:

In 3 simple steps, this beautiful car becomes a sky-born beauty.

Built to withstand all kinds of weather, due to its double-rigid body-and-frame, The A.I.O ensures the smoothest and fastest flight.

  • Step1: Lift the wheels face down
  • Step 2: Fully extend the closed red wings located on the top at the back
  • Step 3: Turn both propellers 180 degrees downwards


From Car to Boat:

  • Step1: Lift the wheels face up
  • Step 2: Extend halfway the closed red wings located on the top at the back
  • Step 3: Open the small red fins in front
  • Step 4: Lower the 2 boat propellers located on each side under the 2 back red wings


This Lego also includes:

  1. - 1 mini figure The A.I.O. driver known as “Blizzard”.
  2. - A toolbox for security and safety measures.

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