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Emperor Nonicrom

This is Nonicrom. He is the Emperor of all the villains from the past. He lives on an unknown island, and he likes to hide in the mountains where no one can't find him. He has long claws that are great for climbing and for defending himself. He also has guns on both arms, and he can carry his weapon on his back. He is strong and ready to battle.

He is 14" tall (from the top of his head to his feet).
The horns measure 3.5".
The sword measures 11".
Articulation (on his body, arms, neck and legs).
607 LEGO pieces.

I like building my own LEGO figures and I enjoy the process of making something with my hands. I am creative and I have a great imagination.

This LEGO set can be fun and challenging. Let your imagination come to life!

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