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The Toy Shop

Welcome to Dan and Sons Toy Shop! This little shop has been around for years in the city, and locals know it always sells high-quality toys. It has 3 minifigures and is made up of about 1500 parts total.
The first story of the building is the toy shop itself. In the window, a toy boat and a toy airplane are displayed for sale. Inside, you'll find that the cashier's counter is decorated like a tree to entertain kids! The shelves are stocked with toy airplanes, cars, and boats on the bottom, and action figures, dolls, and a couple of toy houses on the top! In the center is a bin with a soccer ball and a basketball. Overall the store tries to give kids a friendly vibe.
The second and third floors are apartments. The second floor has an apartment that houses two people. It has two beds crammed into a very small space, and a smaller kitchen. The bathroom is well-stocked, with toilet paper and plenty of soaps. The third floor is a bit more spacious, as it has only one resident. The bathroom is smaller, but also well-stocked. The kitchen is also a bit bigger, and the bed has a bit more decoration than the two downstairs.
This project includes 3 minifigures:
  • Store employee (left)
  • Apartment resident - who must've gotten up on the wrong side of bed this morning! (middle)
  • Child, presumably a store customer (right)
I hope you enjoyed this project! If you did, please support, comment, and share. And if you're interested, my other projects can be found here. Thanks for taking a look!

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