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Miniature Trains 3


This is my third entry to my Miniature Trains series on LEGO Ideas. However, the third entry is different than the first wo, as it is based on real locomotives and passenger cars, instead of ones of my own style. I hope you enjoy it!

The Miniature Trains 3 project is 945 pieces. It includes two trains: one is from Amtrak, and the other is from Metro North. All of the builds, unlike my previous Miniature Train enteries, are unique from each other, due to the fact the color schemes are different. As far as functionality, the wagons can couple to each other and the boggies can turn.

You all probably want to see something different from me other than Miniature Trains. So, I'll do something different for my next project. Perhaps I'll build a train station.

Thank you all for supporting and viewing my projects! Please feel free to tell me in the comments section how you like this project. Have a good day, everyone, and take care! Project by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 10/1/2018

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