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The Lantern Central Power Batteries


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Everything starts when I started making Odym: the homeworld of the Blue Lantern corps, before I submited it. When I saw that my Blue Lantern Central Power Battery was nice, I decided to create some other Central Power Batteries, but on another project. So I made the Central Power Batteries of the most famous Lantern corps (the Yellow, Green, Blue and Red Lanterns), each on a pedestal to be a nice decoration and also to be a nice set where we can play with:

  • the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, the most famous of the Green Lanterns, which his ring uses the power of will,

  • the Red Lantern Atrocitus, which his ring uses the power of anger,

  • the Yellow Lantern Sinestro, which his ring uses the power of fear,

  • Appa Ali Apsa, an important member of the Gardians of the Universe (they lead the Green Lanterns),

  • and the Blue Lantern Saint Walker, which his ring uses the power of hope.


This set would be the great addition to the DC comics sets.

Each Central Power Battery is in his own planet: the planet Odym for the Blue Lanterns, Qward for the Yellow Lanterns, Ysmault for the Red Lanterns and Oa for the Green Lanterns. There are also some accessories (portable batteries, power rings, weapons...) which can be used by the characters. I will continue to improve the pedestals to be more nice and more real. There is also a pedestal where the characters can be exposed together.


Infortunately there was not enough choice on the logiciel, so that is the reason of why there is not a lot of details on the characters. But you could see how they really look like on the video game Lego Batman 3, except Atrocitus (because he is only on bigfigure), and on the set number 76025.


If you don't know anything about the Lantern corps, you could go to or to


I hope that you like the set and the design. Thanks for all the supporters who have sheared the project to their friends and for all the supporters who have voted and will vote. If you like this project, please check out my other project Odym: The Homeworld of the Blue Lantern Corps.


The Central Power Battery of the Star Saphirs (with a new character) will be shown next update with other ameliorations...


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