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Postpostmodern Dream House

I proudly present my postpostmodern dream house. Please note the ultimate openness which allows views from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside at any time. Doors in all directions guarantee freedom and access to the nature: One big problem of prepostpostmodern buildings is the limited number of doors. Often they come only with front door and back door. This is not enough in postpostmodern times! The open roof enhances the liberating feeling of nature, especially when it comes to thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls, and the color scheme underlines open-mindedness and breaking with traditions. The interior is deliberately modest, since everyday amenities like kitchens, beds and foods only limit the freedom you can enjoy in a dream building like this. Last but not least, it is also worth to appreciate the limited space which is not only a sophisticated critique of the thriftlessness of contemporary society, but also broadens the minds of my dream house's residents. The absence of any minifigures gives the building a certain "vaccuum factor" and guarantees a high playability factor! My house can also be used for educational purposes, for example to understand postpostmodern mathematics in a creative way.

I hope you enjoy my building and will support the efforts I put in this project!

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