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Spartan Helmet of King Leonidas


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This design depicts the helmet of the Spartan king Leonidas. Famous for bravely leading the 300 Spartans to battle at Thermopylae (the Hot Gates). The defiance put up by the warrior Spartans, and the small army formed by regional volunteers, provided necessary time for the rest of Greece to prepare. The Corinthian helmet was, eponymously, designed in the city state of Corinth. The design was highly successful seeing widespread use. The design later inspired many Roman armourers, who produced variations of Italo-Corinthian helmets. In modern day, the shape and design of the Spartan helmet, and Spartan Ideology can be seen in popular culture, most notably in Star Wars, with Mandalorian, and the strikingly azure Clone senate guard armour. I designed this model to fit in to the existing LEGO Helmet theme, the design utilises a lot of SNOT techniques (Studs not on top). Being Greek myself I feel a strong connection to the history, and bravery this helmet symbolises, and would personally love to have this set realised on my desk.

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